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40 Days for Choice: Speaking out against “saving” women


60 trumps 40 in London protest! 

40 Days for choice

On Tuesday 24th September, more than 60 pro-choice activists turned out in Stratford to “welcome” 40 Days for Life back to London. 40 Days are an anti-choice group who hold 40 day long vigils outside abortion clinics to try to “save” women from making their own reproductive choices.

Previous 40 Days campaigns have handed out literature to women containing outright lies about abortion, such as claims that abortion causes cancer, and direct women away from regulated reproductive health clinics such as BPAS and Marie Stops to “crisis pregnancy centres” run by the anti-choice movement.

The demonstration against the opening event of the 40 Days campaign in Stratford was organised by Bloomsbury Pro-Choice, who have previously co-ordinated pro-choice counter demonstrations against 40 Days for Life in Bloomsbury, and are working with Abortion Rights to organise actions over the next “40 Days of Choice” (see 40daysforchoiceTumblr for more information).

The 15 members of 40 Days who attended their opening event were hugely outnumbered by the lively pro-choice protest outside, showing them that whilst they may be back, so are we..

Megan Down