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Student information, membership and affiliation leaflet

ImageAbortion is a key student issue. With no 100 per cent effective contraceptive method, students do face unplanned pregnancies and need the right to make their own decisions. Short university terms and student poverty can make access to abortion services particularly difficult for students.

Students have played an important role in the struggle for reproductive rights in the past – now is the time for students to insist on the right for women to make their own decisions and to actively oppose current attempts to restrict abortion access.

We are calling on all pro-choice students to take the next step and add their concrete support to the pro-choice movement by joining Abortion Rights – the national pro-choice campaign – as an individual member and working to affiliate their student union or women’s group to Abortion Rights.

Abortion Rights has produced new student information, membership and affiliation leaflet giving individual students the special offer annual membership price of just £5! The leaflet is available to download here or printed copies to distribute on campuses are available from the Abortion Rights or NUS offices.

We are grateful to the NUS Women’s Campaign and UNISON for their support.