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support parliamentary motion for NHS care for NI women

ImageDiane Abbott MP, who led attempts this October to change the law to allow women in Northern Ireland abortion rights, has tabled parliamentary Early Day Motion number 2393 calling for government action. This petition for MPs calls for the government to use its significant powers of regulation to allow women from NI free abortion care on the NHS in Britain.

Currently those who can afford to – 40 women a week – pay to travel from NI to Britain and pay hundreds of pounds for an abortion in the independent sector. Many are forced to have a later abortion than they would want and to get money from loan sharks or worse. Countless others cannot afford this option and continue with their pregnancy against their will.

Please email or write to your MP asking them to support EDM 2393 to help build up pressure for justice for the women of Northern Ireland

Early Day Motion
EDM 2393


Abbott, Diane

That this House supports safe, legal abortion for women, with existing time limits, no matter where they live in the United Kingdom; recognises that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, despite having abortion within its scope, was not necessarily the most appropriate way to amend the law on abortion; notes that because the Abortion Act 1967 was never extended to Northern Ireland, women in Northern Ireland do not have the same access to abortion as women in the rest of the United Kingdom; further notes that as a consequence women who are, for example, the victims of rape or incest or who are carrying a severely abnormal foetus are forced to continue their pregnancy against their will or to travel to England and pay for a private abortion, which can cost up to £2,000 and takes place later in gestation than necessary; condemns the inequity that this causes by its impact on poorer, younger and other vulnerable women; deplores the fact that thousands of women are forced into motherhood, illegal abortion or debt each year because they do not have the same reproductive rights as women in other parts of the United Kingdom; and calls on the Government to relieve this burden and provide funding for women in Northern Ireland to access NHS abortion services in Britain.