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Take a stand against anti-abortion bullies

Take a stand against anti-abortion bullies, harassing women and doctors at Blackfriars Medical Practice.

Abort67 an UK anti-abortion group, are carrying out a graphic protest outside a Southwark medical practice. Abort67 protesters are displying exaggerated, graphic images and have flooded the street with there supporters, erected a camera outside the entrance, and are accosting members of the public and women accessing the clinic in their campagin of harssment and intimidation.   

The medical practice has recently taken on provision of NHS abortion services via the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. Abort67 are doing whatever they can to upset staff and patients at the surgery, in an attempt to shut down a much-needed service. 

A third of women in the UK will have an abortion in their lifetime. They have a right to access reproductive health care free from the harassment of a minority group seeking to enforce their political agenda. Don’t let this group undermine our legal right to access safe, confidential medical services. We cannot allow anti-abortion extremists to close down clinics.

What Can I Do? 

  • Sign the Abortion Rights petition here 
  • Contact Local Southwark MP Simon Hughes (simon@simonhughes.org.uk) to request that he takes action on this aggressive public attack on essential NHS health provision within his own constituency.
  • Contact your own MP to ask they raise this with the Government as a matter of urgency. To email your local MP please click here


Sample Email:

Dear Simon Hughes MP

I am disgusted by the recent protests outside the Blackfriars Medical Practice, which attempt to impose on a woman’s right to reproductive health services free from harassment. This fringe group do not represent the majority of the UK public (75% of Britions support safe legal access to abortion) and they should not be entitled to threaten to close NHS services which they have an objection to.

I ask that you take a stand against this action and support the work of the medical practice and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service in providing much-needed services to the constituents of Southwark (and beyond).

Yours sincerely,


 Sample tweet:

 .@simonhughesmp Please stand up against anti-abortion bullies, hassling women and doctors at the Blackfriars Medical Practice.

Address Information: 


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House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

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Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ

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