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TAKE ACTION: GE2015: Tweet your local MP Candidates on Abortion Rights


Social media is an important part of politics in 2015. Ask your local MP candidates where they stand on abortion rights ahead of the 2015 General Election on May 7. Just copy and paste our template text below (including our Twitter handle, so that we’re copied in on the reply).

If elected as MP on May 7, would you vote to defend & extend women’s access to abortion? #GE2105 @Abortion_RCScot

A brilliant way of doing this is by putting your postcode into YourNextMP.com and using their results page to click directly through to your candidates’ Twitter accounts.

If you’d rather privately email your local candidates, see our post on using the Abortion Rights email tool to do just that.

We’d love to hear what parliamentary candidates across Scotland think about a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion. And we’d love you to let parliamentary candidates know that a woman’s right to choose is important to their constituents by asking them what they think.

Learn more about the Abortion Rights Committee Scotland here and find details of pro-choice activity near you by visiting our Local Groups page.