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The Abortion Act Turns 50!

The 1967 Act is almost 50 years old and we want to mark this historic victory for the pro-choice movement. It deserves to be recognised as an important part of social history.

We want to celebrate and commemorate the efforts and commitment of those key to making the Act possible. Telling untold histories – social change about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We want to hear from you!

Moreover, this is not simply about celebration, but also an awareness raising campaign to educate the public about the Abortion Act and its limitations. Access and knowledge about rights under the Act. We believe that the current legislation is now, almost 50 years on, ready to be revisited to be made fit for the 21st century. Reminding people battle isn’t fully won – beginning not the end, still work to be done. Not complacent. Reignite passion for change (e.g. parliament/in community. With the funding: seek to empower women. Education – public engagement.

AR 50 years since Abortion Act (3)



Download the flyer here AR 50 years since Abortion Act (3)