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Timetable of HFE Bill and abortion debates

House of Lords

Nov 07 – Jan 08
Anti-abortion amendment to restrict grounds for abortion and an attempt to establish a special Select Committee to focus on ‘moral’ arguments around abortion and the sanctity of life — defeated

House of Commons

5 February
1st reading — no debate

12 May
2nd reading — broad debate on principles bill including abortion

20th May
Committee stage — amendments to lower the time limit and introduce obstacles to abortion services — defeated

14th July
Report stage timetabled but postponed by government

Oct 6th – Nov 28th Timetable not yet announced
Report stage — final opportunity for abortion votes in Commons
Third reading
– vote on entire bill as amended

House of Lords

Consideration of Bill as amended and potential for further abortion amendments if abortion amendments have been passed in the Commons

Potential ‘ping pong’ between the Commons and Lords to reach agreement on final Bill