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The introduction of the contraceptive pill and the legalisation of abortion have transformed women’s lives — increasing control over when, and if, to have children and so boosting women’s employment and education prospects, incomes and opportunities. Barriers to reproductive rights are barriers to full social, economic and political equality. Women still face obstacles and unequal access to services across Britain including some obstructive GPs, long NHS delays or hundreds of pounds in independent sector fees. Abortion is still denied to women in Northern Ireland.


Many workers in sexual health and abortion services are trade union members and must be free to carry out their work without fear of attack or abuse. There are regular attempts to undermine and restrict women’s right to abortion, for example there is a very real threat now, due to the harassment of women by anti-abortion group Abort67 outside clinics that local abortion services could be shut down.


The trade union movement has played a key role in defending women’s rights to abortion when they have come under attack in the past. It’s important to affiliate to Abortion Rights and represent your members in our campaign. ‘Now is the time to stand up to defend women’s right to choose’ Frances O’Grady, TUC Deputy General Secretary.


Abortion Rights’ trade union information, membership and affiliation leaflet can be downloaded here, or ordered from the office.

We encourage all trade union branches and sections to affiliate and for all pro-choice trade unionists to take that next step and join as an individual member as well as invite Abortion Rights speakers to branch meetings, conference fringe events or rallies.


This branch agrees to affiliate to Abortion Rights and will aim to support actions and initiatives called by Abortion Rights, to send a delegate to the Annual General Meeting and  to campaign to oppose restrictions on access to abortion services.


We call on and facilitate our members to lobby their MPs to support amendments improving access. And urge our national body to circulate information and briefings from Abortion Rights to members.

Download as a PDF Here