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Trade Union Model Motion

Abortion Rights Model Motion template

Model motion on abortion rights

This branch notes that:

  • The rights of all women to access safe, free, legal and local abortion is an advance for women and is necessary to achieve a society that values the lives and rights of women.
  • Before the 1967 Act legalised abortion thousands of women died or were seriously injured due to back street abortions.
  • Northern Ireland still has no abortion coverage and many women have to travel to access abortion healthcare.
  • The trade union movement has a proud record of defending a woman’s right to choose.

Also notes that:

  • Anti-choice activists continue to gather outside clinics and organise politically to change the law.
  • Access and legislation can be improved to remove unnecessary delays and barriers for women needing to access abortion services.
  • Abortion Rights is the only national pro-choice membership campaign.

This meeting resolves:

  • To affiliate to the Abortion Rights Campaign.
  • To oppose any restrictions on access to abortion services.
  • To support actions called by the Abortion Rights Campaign.
  • To call on and facilitate our members to lobby their MPs to support amendments improving access.

Download PDF version here