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Why we’re demanding Action on Abortion


Women in Northern Ireland need abortion rights.


Abortion in Northern Ireland is outlawed in almost all circumstances. Women who want to terminate a pregnancy must travel to the UK or abroad to access services at great emotional and financial cost. 


We need full decriminalisation and abortion on request.


Abortion law in England, Scotland and Wales is outdated. Although we have high quality abortion services, there is no ‘right’ to abortion. The consent of two doctors is required and each abortion must fit certain grounds. 


We need worldwide decriminalisation of abortion & safe reproductive healthcare for all.


There are 20 million unsafe abortions around the world every year – most of them in countries where abortion is criminalised or restricted. At least 47,000 women will die as a result and thousands more will suffer ill health. 


Women need privacy and safety when accessing abortions. The government must commit to stopping clinic harassment.


Anti-choice campaigners are increasingly protesting outside abortion clinics – targeting individual women, causing distress and intimidation and sometimes even filming them.


It’s time for change. Join us at Westminster and call for Action on Abortion. 


Saturday 29th September, 2-4pm, Old Palace Yard, opposite Parliament