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Women ‘speak out’ in the House of Commons

The taboo surrounding abortion is allowing the aggressively vocal anti-choice lobby a disproportionate impact on the current debate – silencing women’s voices. MPs, in particular, need to hear why it is so important that women’s access to abortion is not further restricted.

In June, Abortion Rights linked up with Marie Claire magazine and Marie Stopes International (MSI) in a bold event to bring women’s own abortion stories to the House of Commons. Parliamentarians and Lords, trade and student unionists, women’s campaigners, health care professionals and journalists streamed into to the Commons to support women talking very publicly about their abortion experiences. Woman after woman stood up and spoke about why the right to access abortion had been pivotal for them.

“This might be the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced,” said one woman leaving the event. “I had no idea what women in Britain have to go through to get an abortion. No one with a heart could listen to these stories and be against choice.”