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Women’s Bloc – Together Against Trump Rally



Trump is coming back to the UK. Let’s get ready – 4 June!

Join Abortion Rights’ Women’s Bloc in protest aginst Trump’s State Visit.

Let’s give the pussy grabbing, woman-hating, abortion ban supporting, family separating ogre the ‘welcome’ he deserves

We’re organising a Women’s Bloc at the #togetheragainsttrump demo
MEETING POINT: 11 am, Trafalgar Square Northern Terrace

Why We’re Marching 

-Trump hates women
-TRUMP Forces families to choose indefinite detention or immediate separation
-He has made it easier for companies to refuse to cover the cost of birth control by seeking religious or moral exemptions.
-Four states have passed “heartbeat” bills in 2019, and Alabama just passed an even stricter law.
-The “global gag rule” imposed by Trump, blocking US funds to any organisation involved in abortion advice and care overseas, could impact millions of women and girls.
-Under the Global Gag Rule, almost 1.7m women globally will go without access to services and care by 2020.
-2.1 million unintended pregnancies
-720,000 unsafe abortions
-5,600 avoidable maternal deaths
-According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics, 21.6 million unsafe abortions are performed annually, W
-Donald Trump gives ‘March for Life’ full support:

Be part of the fight back!

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