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Would you turn the clock back on her rights?

would you turn the clock back on her rights?

Send a lobbying postcard to your MP

Abortion Rights has launched a national postcard lobbying campaign calling on MPs not to bend to the cynical anti-abortion lobby pressure to reduce the time limit on abortion. The postcard – “would you turn the clock back on her rights?” – has gained the enthusiastic support of trade union, student and women’s movement leaders and activists, pro-choice journalists and MPs.

You can help to ensure that every MP understands the importance of defending the time limit and the overwhelming support for a woman’s right to choose by sending a postcard to your MP. Please email us to request your postcards using the Contact Us section of the website.

What you can do:

  1. Send a postcard to your MP and encourage colleagues, friends and family to send postcards too.
  2. Please let us know about any responses you get from MPs. We are compiling a database to map parliamentary support and opinion and your feedback will be invaluable.

  3. Help to distribute postcards in large numbers though the trade union, student and women’s movements. If you have a mass mailing to members, are holding a conference or event, if you can insert the postcard into a journal or magazine, or if you can hold a stall at your student union etc., please let us know.
  4. Help build a strong pro-choice movement – Join Abortion Rights, the national pro-choice campaign, as an individual member and affiliate your local, regional or national organisation.

  5. Ensure your organisation has policy to defend the time limit (model motions and resolutions available).
  6. Invite Abortion Rights to speak at meetings and to write in your publications.
  7. Raise funds for the pro-choice movement – play the new Pro-choice lottery!
  8. Speak out and help us challenge the taboo and tabloid myths – we are constantly contacted by pro-choice journalists who want to publish women’s stories (anonymously if preferred). Please Contact Us if you can help.