2019 AGM & Public Meeting

Pro-Choice Public Meeting, 12.00pm – Everyone welcome

The Road to Abortion Reform
It’s been an extraordinary few years for abortion rights; we’ve celebrated 50 years of the Abortion Act in Great Britain, seen the historic Repeal the 8th movement triumph in the Republic of Ireland and witnessed the incredible success of Manx campaigners in bringing safe, legal abortion through a unanimous vote to the Isle of Man for the first time.

We remember Savita Halappanavar and all the other women like her who have suffered tragically avoidable deaths due to patriarchal restrictions on reproductive justice.

We still don’t have free, safe, legal abortion for everyone across the British Isles. The  British territory of Gibraltar has the harshest anti-abortion laws anywhere in Europe – the penalty for breaching the law is life imprisonment

In Northern Ireland, women are still being forced by barbaric and backward lawmakers to choose between traveling or facing criminalisation at home.

We’re inviting the panel to reflect on the recent success and setbacks and to think about what the road ahead looks like for abortion reform.

Speakers Include;

Danielle Roberts, Alliance for Choice, Northern Ireland
Kerry Abel, Abortion Rights, UK
Stephanie Kelsey- CALM,  Isle of Man
Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights Group, Gibraltar

followed by

Abortion Rights AGM, 3.00pm

Policy & campaign business for the coming year – for Abortion Rights members

To help cover the costs of the event, we ask individual members and to contribute a registration fee of £5.00, or £2.00 for those who are unwaged.