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40 years on – time for a modern abortion law!

ImageThank you everyone who joined Abortion Rights on Saturday to mark International Women’s Day and launch a 40th anniversary campaign for a modern abortion law.

40 years after the 1967 Abortion Act, it’s time for a law that trusts women to make their own decision about whether or not to continue a pregnancy. It’s time our laws were brought into line with most European laws and with overwhelming public opinion. We are the pro-choice majority!

This is an exciting year for women’s rights. Be part of it!! Abortion Rights is an active membership organisation – please get involved by joining us and signing up to action alerts.

Currently, unlike any other medical procedure, a woman needs the permission of two doctors to end her pregnancy. This allows the one in ten anti-choice GPs the opportunity to obstruct or even veto a women’s decision. In addition, a postcode lottery of NHS abortion service provision leaves some women waiting up to six weeks to end their pregnancy, or pay hundreds of pounds in fees.

Ever since 1967, a vocal and well-funded minority has been lobbying to chip away at women’s hard fought-for abortion rights with the ultimate aim of banning all abortion.

It is time for:
· Women, not doctors, to make the abortion decision, at least in the first three months
· An end to waiting times of longer than three weeks
· An end to attacks on current rights, including the upper time-limit

Please join Abortion Rights in a year of public and parliamentary campaigning and celebrations alongside MPs, Peers, journalists, trade unionists, students, artists, nurses and doctors.

Look out for:
· A manifesto for a modern law
· A new ‘speak out’ website giving you the opportunity to challenge taboos by telling your abortion story or giving your public support for a woman’s right to choose
· A postcard lobbying campaign calling for the government to introduce a modern law
· Pro-Choice Week of Action across the country, October 20th – 27th
· Screening of Vera Drake with Mike Leigh at the Barbican
· Global Safe Abortion Conference 2007, in partnership with Marie Stopes International