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Abortion clinic protests: help us stop the harassment

my body my decisionToday Abortion Rights is launching a new drive to raise awareness of a key problem for abortion access in the UK: the growth of in-your-face protests outside clinics by anti-choice groups.

These hardline protesters would like to see abortion outlawed altogether and aren’t afraid of letting women trying to enter clinics know their views – from displaying large pictures supposedly showing aborted foetuses, to filming women outside clinics to directly confronting patients and staff.

We believe that these tactics constitute intimidation and harassment and that no reasonable person, regardless of their views on abortion, should be willing to support such behaviour.

People are shocked when they hear that activity normally associated with anti-abortion campaigning in the United States is happening here in the UK. The challenge is getting the message out and making sure our elected representatives know how seriously this problem must be taken.

That’s why we are asking supporters to help us spread the word by contacting their MP – it only takes two minutes using our model letter. Each message sent is an important step in raising awareness and making sure that every woman needing to enter an abortion clinic can do so in privacy and safety.

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(Photo: Steve Rhodes)