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 Image Abortion Rights has launched ‘speak out’ campaign website  to provide a public platform for supporters of a woman’s right to choose. Already, hundreds of people have taken five minutes to added their message of support. Isn’t it time your voice was heard, not just the Cardinals and anti-choice MPs? Why not add your message now! www.prochoicemajority.org.uk

In this 40th anniversary year of the 1967 Abortion Act, Abortion Rights is calling on the government for a modern abortion law and improved services – it is time women, not two doctors make the abortion decision, and that intolerable weeks of NHS delays were a thing of the past.


Abortion Rights’ opinion poll , published on International Women’s Day, shows that a massive three quarters of people in Britain still support a woman’s right to choose an abortion. Yet the tiny minority who want to see abortion criminalised, still dominate the debate and silence the pro-choice majority.

This new site is a taboo-busting, silence-breaking opportunity for all those who are proud to support women’s fundamental rights!

‘Speak out’ websites in the US and elsewhere have been influential in shaping the abortion debate – shifting media attention back on to women. You can help by forwarding this call on to friends and colleagues to make the numbers of contributers overwhelming and the message unmissable!

If you too are impatient for change, please join Abortion Rights today and help build a pro-choice movement to take women’s rights forward and put a stop to cruel attacks on women’s hard fought for rights.