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April 28: Catholic hierarchy in Northern Ireland backs anti-abortion candidates

The Catholic bishops urged people not to vote for candidates seeking to reform NI’s abortion laws, in the devolved assembly election. The bishops praised local politicians who have been “opposing multiple attempts efforts to legalise the killing of unborn babies”. A number of women in NI are facing charges after trying to procure abortion pills online to end their pregnancies. Read more: http://bit.ly/1XclJTG

May 10: Wife of Irish President calls forced pregnancies an ‘outrage’

Sabina Coyne-Higgins stated that women should not be made to carry pregnancies to term, in cases like fatal foetal abnormality. Read what she said here: http://bit.ly/1rHBypg



May 2: Doctor asked not to speak about abortions, files civil rights complaint

An abortion provider in Washington was forbidden by her hospital to speak about abortion access. She then filed a civil rights complaint, charging that the hospital was violating the law. This is what she said: http://nyti.ms/1NouMyB

May 4: What Trump means for abortion laws

As the presumptive Republican nominee, it is necessary to look at Trump’s views on abortion. The result is scary. In his latest nugget, Trump allegedly stated that women who get abortions must be punished. Forced to clarify, this is what he then said: http://bit.ly/21DXopY

May 5: ‘Baby boxes’ are anti-choice ‘alternatives’ to abortion in America

A number of heated, padded boxes have been installed in various fire stations in Indiana. Women with unwanted pregnancies are being encouraged to ‘drop off’ their babies here. Anti-choicers believe this will solve the ‘issue’ of abortion, while still undermining a women’s choice.



April 20: 12-year-old Australian girl forced to wait for Court to approve abortion

Queensland’s strict abortion laws forced a girl, with a history of self-harm attempts, to wait for a Supreme Court order allowing her an abortion. In Queensland, it is illegal to carry out an abortion unless a doctor decides it is necessary to avoid danger to a woman’s mental and physical health. Pro-choice activists IN Australia have issued statements, calling this legal intervention ‘immoral’. Read here: http://bit.ly/1XclJTG