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No More Names: Bpas ad campaign aims to destigmatise abortion

bpas nomorenames banner


A new pro-choice billboard campaign has been launched by abortion provider Bpas. The No More Names campaign aims to remind the public that people who get abortions have a multitude of reasons to do so, fighting back against anti-choice rhetoric which paints women who seek abortions as “irresponsible” or “selfish”.

The campaign emphasises the fact that, although many remain silent about the issue, everyone knows someone who has had, or will have, an abortion.

“One in three women will have an abortion, and most of us will know a woman who has decided to end a pregnancy. But 45 years after abortion was made legal in this country, stigma still surrounds this fundamental aspect of reproductive healthcare and myths continue to be perpetuated about the kind of women who have abortions,” Bpas said in a press release.

With anti-choice politicians in positions of great power, and a rise in protests outside clinics, Bpas’ campaign is timely and necessary.

The campaign will run on billboards across London in King’s Cross, London Bridge, Waterloo, Marylebone and Victoria stations. It will also run in train stations in Manchester and Leeds, and more than 1m emails will be sent nationwide.

The campaign is estimated to have cost around £50,000, which has been raised through charitable donations, primarily made by members of the public outraged at anti-choice supporters protesting outside Bpas clinics.

Ann Furedi, Bpas chief executive, commented: “Abortion is a fundamental aspect of reproductive healthcare that enables all women – mothers, daughters, sisters, friends – to make decisions about themselves and their families when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

“Unwanted pregnancy affects women of all ages, in all sorts of circumstances.

“Women need to be able to make these decisions without being made to feel that they are thoughtless, immoral or selfish. Politicians should understand that women themselves are the ones who are best placed to make the choice that is right for them and their families. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends – the women in all our lives deserve nothing less.”

Abortion Rights welcomes the new campaign as a vital antidote to the relentless stigmatisation of women who seek abortions common in the media and public discourse.