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Republican Legislators Reward Radical Right with Dangerous Anti-Abortion Provision

NOW Press Release

November 22

After heated debate in [U.S] Congress Saturday night, anti-abortion legislators bullied into law broad new limitations on women’s reproductive health care.

The sweeping language, which was slipped into the massive budget bill, makes all health care providers eligible for federal dollars — regardless of their unwillingness to provide a full-range of health care services for women. House and Senate Republicans added this language to the 1,000 plus page spending bill late in the afternoon on Friday — allowing no time for reproductive rights supporters to react to the sudden attack. The National Organization for Women is appalled by this tactic, a despicable move by the Republican leadership to thank its right-wing base by surrendering hard-fought and often life-saving medical care options for women and girls.

The full Press Release can be found at: http://www.now.org/press/11-04/11-22.html