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Statement of Solidarity with Stella Creasy

We are absolutely disgusted to hear about the harassment faced by Stella Creasy MP over the weekend. No one should have to face being targeted in this way simply for doing their job. What’s worse is the MetropolitanPolice’s refusal to take any action, saying that no offences have been committed and choosing not to use a Public Space Protection Order to move the harassers on.

93% of the British public support a woman’s right to choose – being pro-choice is the neutral position on the matter of abortion. The position of the American anti choice group organising the harassment that  is woefully out of step with public opinion.

Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights, called on the Police to take action, saying: “By refusing to act to stop this blatant and targeted harassment, the Met Police are not only putting Stella, who is currently heavily pregnant, at risk, they are sending the message that it is fair game to harass women seeking abortions.”

“We send our solidarity and thanks to Stella and all the other public servants working tirelessly to keep abortion safe and legal – they are reproductive heroes.”