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Strictly Protest Time! – Pro-choice demo tonight!

ImageOn Thursday 25th November, former Conservative MP, anti-abortion activist and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ann Widdecombe will be speaking at a fundraiser for anti-abortion group Right to Life.

Billed as a chance to hear ‘Strictly Sensation’ Widdecombe talk about the challenges facing the anti-abortion movement in Europe, the £50-a-head dinner will take place at Royal Overseas House near the Ritz Hotel in central London, and will also include speeches from Labour MP Jim Dobbin and Lib Dem MP John Pugh.

Ms Widdecombe seems keen to exploit her new-found TV fame to further the anti-choice agenda – and her appearance at the fundraiser has already been reported in the press. We think it’s time to remind the public about the real Ann Widdecombe – and why we must protect the right to safe, legal abortion.

Abortion Rights will be staging a demo outside the venue, and we want as many of our supporters as possible to join us. So why not come along?

All Strictly-related costumes and placards welcome!

Date: Thursday 25th November
Start time: 6.30 pm
Location: Royal Overseas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1LR.
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Send us an email if you’re planning to come or if you need any further information.