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WeWork Cancel Fundraising Event For Abortion Charity Because It’s “Politically Sensitive”

Abortion Rights are extremely disappointed to hear the news that WeWork have refused to host a fundraising event for organised by the international feminist collective Verve, with the aim of raising money for our friends at Abortion Support Network.

WeWork’s reason for this is embarrassing at best and deeply misogynist at worst. They said, “as WeWork is not a political organisation, we need to act cautiously in seemingly supporting one side of a politically sensitive issue”.

Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights condemned the decision, saying; “90% of the British public support a woman’s right to choose and 1 in 3 women in the UK will have an abortion in her lifetime. WeWork are telling those women that their healthcare choices are made unwelcome in the WeWork space.”

To call abortion ‘politically sensitive’ is to pander to the small but vocal anti-choice campaigners who seek to make abortion a source of shame and stigma. There are not ‘two sides’ to abortion. It is a healthcare procedure which has been perfectly legal in England, Scotland, and Wales for over 50 years.”

Abortion Rights fully support Verve’s decision to pull all future events from WeWork and hope to see other organisations taking similar steps in favor of supporting venues which welcome all women.